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Tempting, but I’d but I’d play it safe and just see if there isn’t some baby shower type thing you might give.

Daytime fancy seems appropriate dress. There will be hebrew, praying, speechifying and eating!

The mohel will call the parents, the blessing will be said, the child will be in the chair of Elijah and it’ll all be done before you know it and on to the schnapps.

It’s a strange custom, there’s no arguing that!

Oh and mazel tov !

A study in a clothes line I will duplicate.

The butterfly bushes.

Museum mascot Langdon Lizard at Shippies Ledge.

A fast weekend at home to enjoy the Adirondack summer a little more.

Visited my old Geo Cache at Tory Rock and I think I need to start it over. It’s very wet!

It may be old-hat but whenever someone mentions poison ivy I think to also mention jewelweed.

The photo of the plant (right on my screen) is of jewelweed. It’s a stalky succulent with orange or yellow flowers. The seed pods are little oblong things that will burst when they are ripe and touched (fun all on its own.)

If this is new to you when you’re out next time on a hike ask if anyone can identify a specimen. {disclaimer} don’t just go rubbing strange plants on your body!

However the share here is about poison ivy and these things grow near each other. It is also found in places stinging nettles like.

Ok, the useful part. If you get into poison ivy or stinging nettle and it burns and itches, grab a jewelweed plant if you can do so without further infection, and smush it up, especially the stalk. It’ll be juicy and this is good as you want that juice on the itchy burning spot to cut the pain/itch/burn. Just rub the slimy wet plant you’ve pulverized on the stinging spot. Kind of like aloe on a burn.

I have yet to get a good poison ivy reaction but I’ve tromped through plenty of nettles and its always worked to sooth the stinging for me.


WAÏF: Where Summer is fun and then boom

La Rimini che non c’è piú

L’Isola delle Rose (in esperanto Insulo de la Rozoj) fu una piattaforma artificiale nel mare Adriatico (11,612 km al largo di Rimini, 44°10′49″N 12°37′20″E[1]), 500 m al di fuori delle acque territoriali italiane, che nel 1968 venne proclamata dal suo fondatore, l’ingegnere bolognese Giorgio Rosa, Stato sovrano. L’esperienza dell’autoproclamata Repubblica Esperantista dell’Isola delle Rose durò poche settimane, durante l’estate dello stesso anno.

The Rimini that there is more
The Island of Roses (in esperanto insulo de la Rozoj) was an artificial platform in the Adriatic Sea (11.612 km off the coast of Rimini, 44 ° 10’49 “N 12 ° 37’20” E [1]), 500 m to outside Italian territorial waters, which was proclaimed in 1968 by its founder, engineer Giorgio Rosa Bologna, sovereign state. The experience of the self-Esperanto Republic of Rose Island lasted a few weeks, during the summer of the same year.